Thursday, September 25, 2014

As I am at work, this shall be a short(er) post than usual.

I have uploaded some short(er) art videos from back in school --> HERE!

That is all.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

5 Pix - New Year's Eve 2013-4

Once upon a New Year's eve 2013-4, all of this happened. A synopsis of the night. A few friendly people in a warm apartment…

These FIVE photos were submitted, all in lovely B&W filter, to a magazine. Well, they did not "get in".  

While drinking and socializing should have been paramount, but where there is all black and alcohol, because Bourbon. Make sense of that sentence and you "get in".

Anyway, here are the lovely people who did not feel alone this New Year's. Whatever they are, and looking at these photos, will not tell you. 

These are the greatest generation. They are what is going on. I would say they are a good thing, people, person and place.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Black and White series China 2010-2011 | 黑白画2010-2011年

Okee-dokie. Here's a few of the paintings which I deem presentable. I painted these using Chinese black ink on rice paper, used a bamboo brush and everything.
I painted these during the year plus period I stayed and studied in China. All are portraits of a sort and figurative. Some were wrought from an Oral History project I was attached to while in JiangXi Province. Some were from my own musings about Chinese strategy games. Some were still from people who affected me.

I would either take pictures then sketch drawings from those pictures before painting, or I would sketch from life and then use the sketches as reference when painting. My goal was to explore a free-form, plein-air feeling. I wanted to paint from memory and feeling while exploring technique rather than trying to emulate and capture a picture exactly.

Enjoy 'em, critique 'em. These will appear in my applications and graduate portfolio, so I care what you "laymen" have to say. :P

Sweet Margot - Beijing 2010

Smoking Korean Girl - Beijing 2011

Old Red Guard - Jiangxi 2010

New Friends - Ji'an 2010

Man with Hair - Jiangxi 2010

Mandy Cha - Ji'an 2010

Indecision - Beijing 2010

Colleague - Beijing 2010

Céline GungFu - TianTan 2011

men playing cards
Living in the Past - Ji'an 2010

3 or more Play Pai - Ji'an 2010

Monday, April 25, 2011

Coming Soon…

I just recently started going to Art exhibitions here in Beijing, you know, just to check it out. Sooner, or later, I plan to post some pictures from the show (they allow you to take pictures everywhere in China) and a few comments of mine own here and there.

Of course, your comments are desired and anticipated. :D

More later! … … …

UPDATE 09.04.11


As I'm a slow mover, my time in Beijing allowed me to visit only a few exhibitions. Once I return (in one week), do not fret...I plan to attend more opening/closing exhibitions and adding them to THIS SITE ----> HERE

Here is the premise: An international site which provides low-commentary and high content. Do you wonder what sort of art is produced in Beijing, China? Well, here are some pictures from exhibitions I attended. The goal is to have other artists and such link to this site and provide similar content.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

4 Dresses

Here are a few paintings from the past couple years. These five were finished in 2009 and were inspired by the work of my art colleague (of sorts), Sarah Jane Estes. She and I collaborated for a minute when she allowed me to paint four of her dresses. She was the wonderful model for all four dresses which inspired these five watercolor and ink paintings.

SJE All Asian - 2009

SJE In Silver - 2009

SJE Frilly Dress - 2009

SJE Pink Dress - 2009

SJE Bumble Bee - 2009

Sunday, December 5, 2010

China Art

While working as a volunteer artist for a group called IFChina in the South of China, I painted and drew a number of works. These are from two series called, "Oral History" and "City Plays".

The 'Oral History' project attempted to discover the many dormant memories older Chinese people have of China's fairly tumultuous past. We interviewed a number of 老人 'Lao Ren' (older people) who had lived in and around the area during the 20's – 40's. Many of these people had served in the Red Army under Mao Ze Dong.

Old Red Guard - Jiangxi 2010
Living in the Past (1st go) - 2010
The 'City Plays' project catalogues and expounds on my different experiences living in Chinese cities. I focused on board games and on friends. It may seem strange, but there are a number of board games Chinese people can always be found playing. They are 象棋 (Chinese Chess),麻将 (Mahjiang),派 ("Pai" a card game). I noticed in each city I visited, one of these games would usually be more prevalent than the others. I find this very interesting. What makes one game more cherished than another?

Oh Noes - 2010
3 Do Not Gamble - 2010
As for friends, I feel that friends make up who we are and find my perceptions of my friends enlightening to look at. 'You are who you associate with' may be too strong a phrase, but I think the adage has some credence to it.

New Friends - Ji'an 2010

Kevin on the Banks - Ji'an 2010

Kang Lei - Hong Kong 2010

Mandy Cha - Ji'an 2010

This is my Happy Face - Jiangxi 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Water colours

I began painting my friends and those acquaintances surrounding them using water colours. 2009 proved a fare year for painting. I view these pieces as portraits more than scenes.

Stull Reit & Girl - 2009

Morgan Nate & Sara - 2009

Robert outside CoffeA - 2009

Bam & Pa - 2009

Girl at 3AM - 2009

Katie Sings - 2009

Fleurs & Berds - 2009

Bub in Profile - 2009

Brandyn in Woodland Park - 2009