Sunday, December 5, 2010

China Art

While working as a volunteer artist for a group called IFChina in the South of China, I painted and drew a number of works. These are from two series called, "Oral History" and "City Plays".

The 'Oral History' project attempted to discover the many dormant memories older Chinese people have of China's fairly tumultuous past. We interviewed a number of 老人 'Lao Ren' (older people) who had lived in and around the area during the 20's – 40's. Many of these people had served in the Red Army under Mao Ze Dong.

Old Red Guard - Jiangxi 2010
Living in the Past (1st go) - 2010
The 'City Plays' project catalogues and expounds on my different experiences living in Chinese cities. I focused on board games and on friends. It may seem strange, but there are a number of board games Chinese people can always be found playing. They are 象棋 (Chinese Chess),麻将 (Mahjiang),派 ("Pai" a card game). I noticed in each city I visited, one of these games would usually be more prevalent than the others. I find this very interesting. What makes one game more cherished than another?

Oh Noes - 2010
3 Do Not Gamble - 2010
As for friends, I feel that friends make up who we are and find my perceptions of my friends enlightening to look at. 'You are who you associate with' may be too strong a phrase, but I think the adage has some credence to it.

New Friends - Ji'an 2010

Kevin on the Banks - Ji'an 2010

Kang Lei - Hong Kong 2010

Mandy Cha - Ji'an 2010

This is my Happy Face - Jiangxi 2010

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